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The Four Levels of Recording Studio

Whether you are a novice or already a home studio owner for some time …

One and the same question always lurks in a corner of your head:

What to do next ?

Because when you see all these incredible pictures of pro studios on the internet …

And that you compare them to your recording studio

It is normal to want this piece of the puzzle, the one that will bring you closer to your ultimate goal.

The studios go through 4 key phases during their evolution:

The bedroom studio – this is often a small installation next to your bedside table, and is often the minimum required to record sound with your computer.

The dedicated home studio – often a room in your house reserved for recording only and where there is studio equipment and acoustic treatment.

The semi-professional recording studio – it is often located either at home or elsewhere and there is usually the necessary equipment for the recording of several musicians simultaneously.

The professional studio – it is usually located in a commercial space and includes all the tools necessary for the production of the most efficient professional quality possible.

Brisbane building inspectors from Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service

Qld Home Buyers Inspection Service is one of the longest independent owner operated Brisbane building inspection services in Queensland. All building inspections are carried out by Peter Weddell who is an experienced Brisbane builder and building inspector with vast knowledge accumulated from all aspects of the building and inspection industry since 1966.

Our report is designed to give you the information you require to make an informed decision on the property purchase based on an accurate assessment with numerous photos to back it up that may help you negotiate a better purchase price with the seller, if any significant problems are found that you were not aware of before signing the contract. Also to help you protect your investment for future resale.

The comprehensive, detailed report is over 44 pages, full of relevant material relating to the property inspected with suggestions on preventative maintenance, useful information and illustrations, also numerous photos with explanations. Every property and building are different therefore each report is tailored to suit the particular property inspected. Quantity of pages and photos in the report depends on building size and problems found.

Easy to follow report that is second to none written in plain English for anyone to understand with illustrations and a glossary of building terminology. Also included is a comparison checklist to other buildings of its age and type combined with photos to help put any building problems in perspective.